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Publicity of the Project


   At International and National Scientific Forums
   The aims and purposes of the project were extensively popularized by Magdalena Elchinova and Nikolay Vukov among the scientists at the Eighth International Conference in Social Studies and History, organized by the Institute of Social Studies and History, Amsterdam, which took place between 13th and 16th April 2010 in Gent, Belgium. The project was discussed by the participants in the session of Ethnicity and Migration Network and within the session on "History, National Identity and Representations" (in the perspective of the relations between migration and national policy).


   Stoyka Penkova presented the project "Migrants and Resettlers on Both Sides of the Bulgarian-Turkish Border" for colleagues from Bulgaria and Slovenia at the international conference "Network Approaches, Practical Logic and Historical Social Studies of Socialism" and at the first working meeting on the project "Contradictions of Heritage (Strategies for a Virtual Museum of Socialism)", which took place from 1st till 3rd April 2010 in Belmeken, organized by the Institute of Critical Social Studies. The project was discussed in relation with the issue of border and different strategies of "crossing" the border (but also of "passing around", "hardening", "relieving") and "living at" the border by comparison between Nova Goritsa and Edirneas towns on the border. By way of relation between "living at the border" and "living on the border" (leaving, setting off and coming back) by the Bulgarian migrants during the recent two decades, Stoyka Penkova presented some aspects of the field studies in Edirne, accomplished together with Meglena Zlatkova.

   Meglena Zlatkova and Stoyka Penkova – at the international scholarly conference "Migration and Diversity in the Great Mediterranean:  Social and Other Implications" was held in Kamilari village on Crete island, Greece – organized by the Laboratory of Anthropology in Komotini, and Kamilari-Crete, Greece, 11-16 July, 2010.

   Nikolay Vukov and Lina Gergova – at the national conference "Public Spaces of the Bulgarian Town: Heritage and Development", organized by the Inter-University Research and Educational Center "Memory, Heritage, Visual Environment" (Center of Anthropological and Ethno-Sociological Studies, Plovdiv University "Paisiy Hilendarsky" and Center for Intercultural Dialogue and Integration "Prof. L. Bumbalov", South-Western University "Neophit Rilsky"), Blagoevgrad, 26-27 January, 2010.
   Magdalena Elchinova – at the scientific conference in relation to the 20th  Anniversary of the resettlement of Turkish people from Bulgaria to Turkey, Istanbul, 7-8 December, 2009.
   Magdalena Elchinova – at the international seminar "Hidden Histories and Promised Lands," funded by COST program within the project "Remaking Eastern Borders: a Network Exploring Money, Gender and Sexuality in the Border Transformations of Europe’s Eastern Periphery," headed by Prof. Sara Green – Queen’s University, Belfast, 19-20 November, 2009.
   Magdalena Elchinova – at the national meeting on the project "Travelling Square – Connecting the Public Spaces of Bulgaria," funded by the Trust for Civic Society in Central and Eastern Europe – headed by Prof. Ivaylo Ditchev, DSc. at the Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridsky," Sofia, 9th October, 2009.
   Lina Gergova – at an international scientific conference "Towns at the Border: Creative Topographies," organized together with the Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore and the Lithuanian Scientific Foundation, Vilnus, Lithuania, 1-4 December, 2009.
   Natalia Rashkova – within the scientific conference "Songs about Captain Petko Voyvoda," organized by the Thracian Scientific Institute, Varna, 4th September, 2009.
   Lina Gergova – at the Third MyPhD Conference on the topic "Europe in Motion: Society, Labor Market and Stability in the Migration Age," sponsored by Friedrich Ebert Shiftung – Bratislava, Slovakia, 18-20 June, 2009.
   Nikolay Vukov – at the conference of the International Association for Anthropology in South-Eastern Europe (InASEA) on the topic "Migration to, from, and in Southeastern Europe: Intercultural Communication, Social Change and Transnational Ties" – Ankara, Turkey, 21-24 May, 2009.
   Magdalena Elchinova – at the session of a working group "Travel, Exchange, Translations" within the project "Remaking Eastern Borders: a Network Exploring Money, Gender and Sexuality in the Border Transformations of Europe’s Eastern Periphery", funded by the COST program – Rome, 27-28 April, 2009. (

   Nikolay Vukov – at the international work group "Productive Borders: Perspectives towards Criticism of Duality" within the COST IS0803 project "Remaking Eastern Borders in Europe," Cyprus, Nicosia, 14-15 April, 2009 (


   At Seminars

   Theoretical Seminar "Borders and Identities"
   A theoretical interdisciplinary seminar "Borders and Identities" has been organized since 1st December 2009 within the project. The seminar is meant for students in Ethnology and Social Studies from the Faculty of Philosophy and History at the Plovdiv University "Paisiy Hilendarsky". At the seminar there were discussions on some specific emphases on the problems of research; theoretical problems of cultural heritage and cultural identity of different generations of migrants; issues of field research etc. Members of the team and guest-lecturers presented their research results at the meetings. They shared their impressions from the field work of the students, who do structured surveys among the children of migrants who are  students at high schools in Bulgaria. (read more)


   At Universities
   Magdalena Elchinova – at the Sixth Summer School "Anthropology in/of the City" organized by New Bulgarian University, Russe, 7th September 2009.

   Valentina Ganeva-Raycheva – for the students of the Master Program "Anthropological Studies of the Mediterranean and the Balkans: Italy - Bulgaria ", collaborative program between the Institute of Folklore, the University La Sapienza in Rome and the Faculty in Classic and New Philology at the Sofia University "St. Climent Ochridsky", December 2009.

   On 29th May 2010 Magdalena Elchinova presented results of her work on the project Migrants and Refugees on Both Sides of the Bulgarian-Turkish Border: Heritage, Identities, Intercultural Interactions within the frames of the seminar Anthropological Readings at the New Bulgarian University. She emphasized the comparative presentation of her studies from her first field research within the project in Edirne and Istanbul. The main emphasis of the presentation was to outline the divergences in the social characteristics and the practices at integration of the migrants from Bulgaria, settled in different cities in Turkey. Some specific features of the Turks from Bulgaria who settled in Istanbul were discussed such as their comparatively high level of education and professional qualification, and their establishing their own business and specific market niche in the Turkish society. The seminar was attended by Dr. Nikolay Vukov from the team of the project and students and lecturers from the Anthropology Department of the New Bulgarian University. There was a lively discussion showing interest at continuation of the talks on the subject of the project.


   At Institutions
   In Edirne: Department "Euro-Integration and International Cooperation" of Edirne Municipality; the Thracian University (administration, lecturers and students); Federation of the Balkan Turks; Association for Rumelian Culture and Folklore; Association "City Council" (Kent Konseyi); journalists from Yenigün newletter etc.