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Lina Gergova
, Ph.D., is Principal lecturer in the Department of Anthropology of
Verbal Traditions at the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Studies with Ethnographic
Museum (BAS) and Marie Curie fellow at the Estonian Museum Literary in Tartu. Her academic
interests include ethnic stereotypes, urban studies, cyberculture, and studies in festiv
culture. She has held visiting and research fellowships in Austria, Italy, Slovakia, and Estonia.
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Magdalena Elchinova,
Ph.D., is Associate professor of Ethnology and Anthropology at
the New Bulgarian University in Sofia and Chair of the Department of Anthropology. She has
specialized in ethnology and socio-cultural anthropology at the Central European University
in Budapest (1998), the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities
and Social Sciences (1999; 2001), and the University of Illinois in Chicago (2006). She is a
member of the European Association of Social Anthropology since 1999, and a member of
the Coordinating council of the Network in European Studies of the same organization since
2006. Academic interests: anthropology, anthropology of Europe, ethnic communities and
interactions, religion and cultural identity, trans-national migrations, ethnicity and nationalism,
ethno-semiotics, paremiology, discourse analysis. She has extensive research experience
which includes field work in Bulgaria, Turkey, Israel, Macedonia and the USA. Magdalena
Elchinova has published extensively in Bulgarian and English and is editor and co-editor of
eight volumes, author of over ten publications in peer-reviewed Bulgarian and international
journals, author of over 40 scholarly articles, as well as numerous conference papers. She is
an editorial board member of the annual NBU Journal
Anthropological Research
since 2000.
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Meglena Zlatkova
, Ph.D., is Principal lecturer in the Department of Ethnology at the
University of Plovdiv. She graduated in Ethnology and defended her PhD thesis in Sociology.
She teaches courses in Ethnology of the city, Ethno-sociology, Visual anthropology, and Project
methodology and conducts the Summer School in Field Research for the students at PU. Her
academic interests are in the fields of urban studies and urban space, visual anthropology,
identity and cultural heritage. Her publications are in the fields of ethno-sociology of the
city (authored book), cultural heritage and identity, and migration studies. Email contact: m_
Natalia Rashkova,
is an ethnomusicologist and Associate professor at the Institute
of Ethnology and Folklore Studies with EthnographicMuseum (BAS), as well as university lecturer
in ethnomusicology and folklore music. She has lead and taken part in 24 research projects in