Heritage, Identity, Intercultural Interactions


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  In the field of scientific knowledge the project strives to offer more precise terminology of the processes, which are object of study, and to find the place of both cases of forced migration among the diverse forms of transborder mobility in Europe during the 20th and the beginning of the 21st centuries.
  The project results could be useful in studying the processes of forming shared European identity and understanding cultural diversity.
  The developed research methodology could be applied in studying other borderline regions.



In the sphere of intercultural communication, the results of the project point towards breaking the stereotypical notions about diversity, encourage individual contacts by shared initiatives between Bulgarian and Turkish students, children of migrants; strengthen the collaboration between institutions of higher education in Bulgaria and Turkey.
  An important effect of the project is the establishment of a transborder network for cultural collaboration, which would include representatives of the local authorities, cultural and educational institutions and nongovernmental organizations.
  In a long-term perspective, the results of the project can encourage local initiatives to bring the items of cultural heritage into public attention - to make the heritage vital; to develop routes of cultural tourism and to initiate trans-border network for the popularization of cultural heritage in these regions.
  The project team can consult the shooting of a documentary on the project, which may be offered to the interest of the national TVs in both countries.

    The team intends to initiate a Balkan Students Club, which will involve students in ethnology and descendants of migrants to Turkey.